Wood for Energy

With 50,000 tons of wood annually sell, ITS Wood is acting as a major player in the wood industry since 2005.

Objective: To secure the delivery of quality wood chips to industrial and authorities in Belgium, France and Luxembourg with short circuits of delivery.

Wood chips

Energy Wood supplier for boilers and energy installations operating from biomass, we have developed our production of wood chips depending on :

  • Buy Energy Wood from private and public forestry
  • Strong collaboration with local hauliers and forest contractors
  • Supply contracts in order to secure supply

Storage platforms allow us to create a buffer stock to ensure real security of supply in case of difficult climate.

Used as fuel in automatic boilers, granulometry and humidity rate content in the wood chips are suitable for the power boiler supplied to maximize energy efficiency.

Our wood chips are commercialized with different units:

  • MAP : Apparent wood chips in m³
  • Tons
  • MWh : actual energy content of the product to be calculated on the tonnage and humidity

And delivered by :

  • Blower truck
  • Moving floor truck

ITS Wood strength is to develop quality wood chips with low levels of fine hardwoods and mainly from:

  • 70% Beech/ Hornbeam
  • 20% Oak
  • 10% Poplar

The company is also recognized for the knowledge of its customers’ needs.

Regular meetings with them enable us to plan adapted schedules of deliveries related to consumption variation via a just in time supply.